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Power your website with a smart Video Player. Ready for streaming in 5 minutes or less!

Our Hosting

Need a secure and reliable video hosting solution to stream your content? Privately store your videos in the cloud and do not worry about your website's streaming capabilities. Highly flexible. Powered by Amazon CloudFront.

Any Hosting

Already have a hosting solution? With VP Factory you can use your existing hosting solution and save your money. Store and stream videos from your own servers or a local CDN provider.

HTML5 ready

iPhone/iPad compatibility is now available! Automatically convert your videos to run on Apple's mobile devices. Ensure that everybody gets to see your content, regardless of the device they are using.

Quick uploading & encoding (including H.264 iOS compatible)

Just upload the videos and the platform will make them ready for publishing. VP Factory accepts the following file formats: FLV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, M4V, M4A, F4V, AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, ASF, 3G2 and QT.

Store and Organize Video Collection
Thumbnail Management
Playlists by Topic

Store and organize your video content in the online collection. Edit video information, rapidly build playlists on various topics, manage and share playlists across your players to save time.

Visually adjust the dimensions, colors and effects for any of the player skins. Switch from Basic to Advanced mode to fine-tune the elements.

4:3 OR 16:9 FORMATS

Measure and compare the performance of each individual video of your collection, using an intuitive interface. Understand which videos are mostly preferred by your viewers, what parts of the video are most attractive or which regions of the Globe bring most visitors.

Number of views
Unique Visitors
Traffic Sources
Percent Completed
Recent Views
Create Video Ads
Customize Overlay Ads
PRE / MID / POST Rolls
Ads Management

Percent completed. Interest zones. Build pre-rolls and overlays. Metrics that help you learn more about your viewers. This module will help you build and manage the distribution of ads over your network of published players.

Compatible with popular Web CMS.

Deploy the video solution on any website that employs one of the major CMS listed below:

Its really simple to publish. Just take your player's embed code and paste it on your website. Place your videos also on blogs, social websites and more. Reach a world-wide audience.

Unleash the power of VP Factory

Using the VP Factory API, developers are able to build powerful video solutions and support their custom projects with a variety of extensions.

  • Empower User Generated Content

  • Unlimited Playlist Formats

  • Control over all published Players